About us

About Us 


Hello, and welcome here!  


We are happy to have you here with us! Are you looking for some entertaining content that is also informative, and useful for your house task projects? You might be thinking what is this all about. Well, before we introduce you to our service, let me share with you what drove us to create a website that is completely free to access.  


We are a team which composed of different individuals from different fields, and we want to share our knowledge about our specialization to people, but of course, we didn’t end with that goal. We started a collaboration with local brands and services and thought of giving them the freedom to also share what they know to our readers and followers on this website. In this way, we are creating a good interaction between customers and service providers and let them share information that they have and help other people who are in need. If you are planning n selling your house, you may go to our site and get some tips as well as help on how to sell your home faster.  


The best part is yet to come… we know that other websites also offer you the same platform and content. However, unlike other websites, we are not looking for a profit, and so we provide our readers ad followers — well, even strangers full access to everything we post here. You don’t need to subscribe or register – all you need to do is to follow us and read what you need. Check us out for more information.